A Poached Egg Epiphany

… or otherwise known as “that moment when you go all-deep-thinking mode during breakfast.”

Back when i was a kid living in my village, i had in my backyard a hen or two who suddenly became so cranky and in full-combat mode right after laying eggs and/or after said eggs hatched. Their feathers that otherwise always looked glassy and smooth would stand up around their neck, the wings flapped wide and the eyes were oh so fierily fierce. You knew you’d better stay away from them upon seeing those signs.

As i grew older, i began to understand what certain hormonal flux could do to your emotion and that growing battle instinct that seems to come out of nowhere. Gentlemen, if you don’t get this: it’s what we, women, undergo with PMS.

Now that i’m old enough, I am aware that all those drama might have so much to do with the developing maternal instinct to protect our loved ones, to prepare us to go fighting to keep the potential danger to our offspring at bay. [edit: please don’t quote me on this.]

This morning, I was having poached egg for breakfast and i had that sudden realization: this is the same egg that its mother hen would put her life for to hatch and grow and be safe. I couldn’t begin to imagine what the hen must be feeling when she woke up in the morning only to find her eggs missing. As if the postpartum trauma is not agonizing enough, now she (must) have felt that endless emptiness, the separation anxiety, the perpetual depression that entails, too, because … All that time you focus your mind and body into preparing the next generation to come, all that emotional drama, and that anticipation, excitement… gone in a puff. You’ve built your world around the idea of how to be a good role model for your baby chicken, of trying to make this world a better place for the baby chickens to live in… vanished into thin air.

In one single morning.

I know.
Because i have been there myself.

What have we done to those poor mother hens???
Human can be so cruel that way.


p.s. TIL, egg is technically chicken’s period. Alrighty then.. -__-‘


p.p.s. TIL (again) ‘industrialized’ eggs that we consume daily usually are those of unfertilized ones. However, normal, homegrown, organic eggs could also be fertilized by rooster prior to being laid. Source.

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