Another new year resolution

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I’m not that kind of person who is so dedicated in fulfilling any new year resolution. But at the end of many years and I looked back, I always notice that I completed most of the list I made the year prior. That’s gotta be something.

So, this time around, I really wanna make another list for next year.

1. Losing weight. And all in all having a good and healthy lifestyle. I’m not that ambitious, so I think 5kg less is good enough for me. (I’m now 60kg, 155cm. So not ideal. Damn compulsive eating.)

2. Completing my dissertation proposal, that means chapter 1,2,&3 of the full dissertation in the first semester and data collection and analysis in the second semester. Also, the written and oral compre test in the second semester.

3. We’ve been having a plan to live abroad for a while now. So, hopefully we will be able to do that somewhen between March – June.

4. We’re no longer having Omah Putri this year, but we’re building a villa in Batu. It’s still under construction, so probably not this year, but next year, but I’m gonna manage it so very well.

5. Scopus indexed journal publication. At least Q3 one.

6. 3 product launches. Hopefully at least one of them could hit the mark. Amin.

So, I’m gonna be visiting this post sometime next year and hopefully most of the list could be crossed off.

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