Big Bad Wolf Surabaya 2016

Yesterday, we went on a trip to Surabaya to the JX International where BBW was held. It’s an annual event where you can buy imported (English) books at a great discount. Just imagine, you could buy a book for IDR 60k that normally would be at least IDR 400k. Not to mention that those books are usually not available in your local book stores.

We hit the road at 5 am and arrived at no latter than 6.30 am. The reason we went so early was simply because the traffic Malang <-> Surabaya is infamously packed on the weekend.

To our surprise, the road was pretty much vacant all the way long.

Perhaps because it was Monday, or because it was still early in the morning, or simply the cloudy and gloomy with a promise of heavy downpour weather made people want to sleep in, there were not many people at the event like how we anticipated. It made it easier for us to navigate through the isles and began the hunt.

It was just half of the entire arena. Books, books, books everywhere.

Sadly, though, most of the books on my list were not available (I was looking for Nobokov’s Lolita, Haruki Murakami’s – any title would be fine-, and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, among other) . Either they were out of stock or not in the stock at all to begin with. That just meant one thing: releasing my inner wolf and hunting every interesting book in my line of sight! Hahaha. (p.s. That was never a wise thing to do.)

Here is what we ended up with 4 hours later:

These are for Cashmere Mafia’s kiddos. Popup books, story books, and pocket library.
Some fantasy novels of hubby’s choice.
My novels.
This book is written like Headfirst series. Hmm… I have always been interested in anything psychology (I even taught ESP for Psychology class last semester).
Random books on design and self-improvement. Heath brothers wrote Made to Stick and Switch that we love, Guy Kawasaki is the guy to go about being empowered in the internet era.
Yup, here they are. Enough to last a year, perhaps? :p
The Goblinoids is a friend’s, a game illustrator/animator, that’s why.

You could say that this shopping spree endeavor is our guilty pleasure. However, the only guilt I’d feel is if I will not be able to read them all for any reason (excuses). Let’s hope it will not come to that.



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