Bucket List

Yesterday i read a post from someone (I do really forget who he was) that directed me to this post and i am inspired to do the same.

They say you can see how a person is just by looking at her/his bucket list. I dunno, i haven’t really thought much about what i want since i feel so contented with my life. But, if i sit down and really do think about it, I’m just one of those greedy bunch who wants everything in life. Everything! Hahaha.

Anyway, here is the list, an incomplete one, not in an alphabetical order nor in the degree of importance one:

  1. finish grad school  2013
  2. present a paper in a national conference  2011
  3. present a paper in an international conference  2012
  4. publish a paper in a national publication journal  2012
  5. to work on my thesis project under the supervision of Prof. Dr. H. E.A. Aziz, MA  2012
  6. to get published in an (inter)nationally-distributed print publication
  7. khatam Al-qur’an for at least once in my life
  8. to be fluent in at least one programming language
  9. to be fluent in Japanese
  10. making an app by and for myself –> meaning from scratching the design, writing the code, to publishing it into the store(s) by myself.
  11. to visit japan
  12. cruising New Zealand in a caravan
  13. Hajj
  14. to send Ibuk and Bapak to hajj
  15. living/staying in Jogjakarta, Semarang, Solo, Medan, (any city in Kalimantan) for at least a week each and go around each city on motorbike
  16. living in Bandung  2010
  17. to stroll, be stranded, and get lost in a foreign city on a motorbike with the hubby 2009
  18. Getaway to Bali 2008
  19. Getaway to Bali with the whole Batu family
  20. Getaway to Karimun Jawa
  21. Getaway to Raja Ampat
  22. Getaway to Lombok
  23. Honeymoon!
  24. to have wedding band for both the hubby and me (2008)
  25. Getting my driving license  2013
  26. to be able and allowed to ride motorbike  2014
  27. to own a house 2014
  28. having a garden and start gardening 2014
  29. to ride on a train for the first time 2010
  30. flying on an airplane for the first time   2011
  31. cruising on a ship for the first time   2008
  32. canoeing in real sea   2008
  33. to be able to bake cookies or a cake
  34. to start and finish a comforter quilting project
  35. to be able to make and drink jamu traditionally and regularly
  36. to be able to swim
  37. to be able to run at least 1km without stopping –> i am getting there, no worries ;)
  38. to own a teddy bear or other kinds of stuffed animal
  39. to own a DSLR camera or two or three (been eyeing Nikon/Canon/Pentax for a while now. Gusti pinaring sugih, Gusti.. )
  40. to enroll in a photography class or workshop for at least once
  41. to be able to work with Photoshop
  42. to muster the nerve to knock on the door of those i’ve hurt and say “I am sorry”
  43. to muster the nerve to knock on the door of those who’ve hurt me and say “I forgive you”
  44. private
  45. private
  46. private



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