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    Ara Inn; a hidden gem for a short getaway destination

    For your background information, for us, a getaway means a relaxing time with a change of scenery and away from home. So, we emphasize more on the comfortable accommodation rather than exciting local attraction. Last week when we felt so fatigue from work, we wanted to get away from everything just for a little while. Usually, Bess Resort was our to-go place for that purpose. But for several months now, the place has always been fully booked. So we scrambled around the internet to look for similar quality destination and we came across this: Ara Inn. The rating on Agoda was 8.8 and the picture looked promising. So, we packed…

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    Lombok Trip 2017

    Awal Juli ini kami, rather impulsively, memutuskan untuk berlibur ke Lombok (photos are here). Tahun 2014 dulu kami sudah pernah kesini, maka sedikit banyak tulisan ini akan menjadikan perjalanan terdahulu sebagai referensi. Itenerary kali ini kurang lebih sebagai berikut: Day 1. Kami tidak berangkat dari Malang atau Surabaya, tapi dari Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport, Jakarta, karena sebelumnya ada business meeting disana. Kami ambil penerbangan yang pagi, jam 6.15 WIB menggunakan Citilink dan mendarat pukul 9ish WITA (penerbangan 2 jam, ada perbedaan waktu 1 jam antara WIB dan WITA). Kami sengaja tidak membawa banyak barang, cuma 2 ransel standar dan 1 koper yang muat di kabin. Hal ini penting agar tidak…

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    Big Bad Wolf Surabaya 2016

    Yesterday, we went on a trip to Surabaya to the JX International where BBW was held. It’s an annual event where you can buy imported (English) books at a great discount. Just imagine, you could buy a book for IDR 60k that normally would be at least IDR 400k. Not to mention that those books are usually not available in your local book stores. We hit the road at 5 am and arrived at no latter than 6.30 am. The reason we went so early was simply because the traffic Malang <-> Surabaya is infamously packed on the weekend. Perhaps because it was Monday, or because it was still early…

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    Makeup Class with Devinta

    So, today i had a makeup makeover session with my girlfriends, Devinta and Mutlia. Devinta is a makeup artist who has been in the field for several years now. This Ramadhan, she offers a private makeup class for women. Me and Lia are assigned to today’s schedule. Without further ado, here are the transformation photos: I don’t grow up around makeup or other beauty care products. I don’t go out and around with heavy makeup like this, either. But, today was quite fun, I was learning and putting make up on, not for anyone else to see, only for myself. I feel pretty and I am happy. I enjoy the experience through…

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    Banjarmasin Tour

    Hubby was invited to speak at national seminar on ITpreuneurship by Lambung Mangkurat University in Banjarmasin, South Borneo. And of course i came along, too! :)) Here are some pics from the event tour: The rest of the pics are on my flickr account and these are taken from the committee FB page. Photos aren’t mine, baby! It was a nice experience, really. The people, the place, the food, the committee, and the event were all superb!