Few years back, me, Anizar and mas Eryun initiated a program named Dropbooks. The idea was simple, we collected books we and some friends had that we’d read and donated them to some schools in remote areas around Malang with difficult access to information, library, or books. The more personal reason was actually because we (at least me and Anizar) were this weird kids who didn’t go out and play sport during recess time in high school, instead we suffered in silence contemplating what life was all about in library. Hahaha. Meanwhile, our library was this… you know, de-prioritized by the school board. And thus, the more we suffered. We didn’t want other children to experience the same thing as we did, hehe.

It was a nice idea, actually.

Don’t ask why there’s Java for Dummies there :|

But the program should be put on halt since it was difficult to manage with each others miles away from the others and we planned on resuming it when i get back.


It doesn't have to always be 'hard, deep, difficult to read' book. The idea is to lure those youngster to like reading.
It doesn’t have to always be ‘hard, deep, difficult to read’ book. The idea is to lure those youngster to like reading.

At the very least, we bought two books every month, the printed version. I keep on hoarding them with the thought that i should just send them back when i come home and resume the Dropbooks program. And tadaaaa… it’s too many now sending them back home would be quite an arduous thing to do.

So there i was, at the chance of visiting some schools in a remote area in Bandung, I took my time to come looking into the library. It was so quiet, NO ONE was there, despite of the recess period. The book collection was mostly ranging from instructional material grade 1 to grade 3. No wonder that students were reluctant to come and enter the room. So i went home, sorted some out (because i know many of my books are not really for high school readers) and sent them there.


I am not writing it to show off, that i donate books or something like that. I am only doing it with the thought that perhaps you have similar book collection at home that you don’t read twice anymore, and you see around you there’s school with similar condition, and you’d be moved to do the same, donating yours.

Look, if only there’s ONE student among 300 others read your books and be as inspired in life as you, how cool that would be?

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