Essential Apps to Start your Windows Phone

In My old blog, which is already deleted, i have posted what basic apps you should be installing in your android device, especially for fellow women. Now, it is my turn to recommend some essential apps for your Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 8, Photo by
Windows Phone 8, Photo by

1. social network

This is obvious, this what most people look for in their smart phone. You can now download all essential social networking apps from the store such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, 6tag, and 6sec.

2. Here Drive

Here Drive+ (previously known as Nokia Drive) is a GPS assistance to help your mobility. In Nokia Lumia devices, at least, this app is already built in. But you still need to download its packages such as map (according to your country or region), and its voice assistance matching your language. The voice package is relatively small, but the map is quite big in size. Make sure you are connected to wi-fi or have enough mobile data package.

3. Endomondo Sport-tracker

4. P-tracker

P-tracker is a period tracker (for women). I use this app on all android, iOS, and Windows Phone. It has all the functionalities I need as a woman. And since it has online backup feature, i can easily switch devices across platform without being afraid of losing my data log. Backup my data on cloud storage, change phone and retrieve it, as simple as that.

5. Book Tracker

This app is available on WP 7 and WP 8. Even though this app claims to use Goodreads’ API, but it does not have all the Goodreads functionalities such log-in, posting, etc. It is understandable since the function is only to see the information and rating of book you are searching for. As simple as that and it stays true to its original and sole purpose. This app is for us who often lost in bookstore amid myriad book titles we know nothing about. No more judging book by its cover!

6. News Portal

If you don’t want to be left behind from all the news in the world, you need to install some of these apps: ESPN (for sport news), CNN, Detik and Kompas (Indonesian news; well hey there, I’m from Indonesia, fyi), Appy geek (for tech news).

7. Image (photo) processing apps

I think we can’t now separate our digital existence with our photo activity, right? While most of devices with WP OS (esp. Lumia) are famous for its camera hardware, sometimes we still need a little touch up. Camera 360 is what i recommend.

Anyhow, It’s said that 1020 is gonna be shipped out with built-in Nokia Pro Cam as the default camera. Well, after amber update, 9xx series can also download Nokia Pro Cam app, it has all the killer photo processing features such as exposure control, shutter speed, low light photography setting, focus control, and white balance setting. Unfortunately, though, the lower series of Nokia devices cannot use this. But, good news: for 820 users, you can work around it to get the app by following this tutorial, just to get a taste of the app (link here). Please note that it is written in Indonesia, you may need Bing or Google translate for this tutorial.

8. PDF reader

In other OS, i used to recommend some ebook reader that can at least read pdf file. However, since all WP devices is equipped with MS office for mobile, you can now directly read pdf file on your phone. If you are not comfortable with that, you may want to download Adobe Reader.

9. UC Browser

Not all people are comfortable using the built-in browser in WP. I think Internet Explorer works just fine in phone. But you can always opt for UC Browser if you don’t want to use IE.

10. Whatsapp

There are many messaging apps on the store such as Line, Kakao Talk, WeChat, etc, my favorite one is still Whatsapp. The good news is, while in iOS it is a paid app, in WP it is totally free. ^^

There are still many awesome apps on store you can download and install, according to your need. If you have your favorite ones, please feel free to recommend to me. :)



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