Getting a taste of (the) game


To say that I’ve been living among gamers and game developers is kind of understatement. I’ve been sharing a bed with one! Hahaha. But I have never been a gamer myself.

So, since I put some distant with the Algostudio due to my own activities, I dunno anything about the process and progress of Startup Panic, the newest game that is due mid-2019, next year. The team have been buckling down so tenaciously hard the past two years on the art, game play, and content. Back and fro they hired people online to proofread, rewrite, and proofread them all iteratively. All without me involved. Language should be my forte, but I have nothing to do with it.

So, earlier this month, I tried to take a peek on it. I don’t play a game, in a literal sense. I realize if i want to get my hands dirty, I have to play it. So i did try. But I played it not to have fun, i use a fine tooth comb scrutiny for minute detail of language error (well, later on you will still find some here and there, mind you), so i didnt get the gist of its fun. I’m still no gamer myself at this point.

That, until yesterday, knowing that I’m a very partial about it and the closest i was to play any is Tetris, my husband enticed me with a similar one on Switch, Tricky Tower. And I’ve been hooked ever since. (I’m warding myself against impending addiction, mind you.) This might be my game-gate, just like watermelon is my fruit-gate.

Oh well.

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