I’m sorry I love You



After a terrible performance i gave for a test i took last weekend, I left with nothing to do. And it felt weird. I used to have agendas, things to do, tasks to complete, events to attend even during weekends. But this time: nothing, nada, zilch.

So i browsed around, looking for something to watch, something easy on the eyes and on the mind and i found this. It’s an old drama. I skipped the first few episodes because of the hairdo, omg, and the English. For someone portrayed to have lived his whole teenage and adolescent live in OZ, the English was just terrible. However, the good review and rating got me to stay and tried to connect the dots from episode 5 upward. Well, I still skipped some unimportant details here and there in the remaining episodes, though.

The result: I cried up a storm the whole series!

This drama is just so sad. It’s about loneliness, about love, hatred, and about something someone could never have (but should have had!). It is so cathartic to me. I still can’t bring myself to write the synopsis without crying up a river to this day. So please, help yourself to read the wiki here for that.


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