It is that time of the year again

..when we got to think of another resolution for next year and reflect on what we’ve accomplished this (passing) year. That said… What’s up, you, my 2016 resolutions???

Hahahaha… :sigh

Well, that thing about resolution happens every year to almost everyone, right? Or, is it just me?

Come to think of it, I did not really set much nor have I accomplished many. I wrote 5 things I wanted to accomplish at the beginning of 2016:

  1. About maintaining psychological hygiene.
    I’m proud of myself in this regard. For some people it might sound trivial or petty but those who’ve been in the same shoes, who’ve been battling with anxiety and depression, would know how taxing it is to do just that. And I would pat me in the back for being able to be at peace with myself most of the time this year around. Good job, Uswah!
  2. Ibadah.
    Hhmm… not much to say except that I could do better and should have done better. ihiks.
  3. Reading habit.
    Not as much as two books a month but I do read, though I could have done better.
  4. Social life.
    I’m not a social person, that’s a given. I did not go out a lot with friends this year. But you know, relationship is not only about going out and do stuff together all the time, right? I’m working on it, on building meaningful connection with people around me.
  5. Professional life.
    I become more relax in this front. I’m not taking any job that I think I could not handle or would not enjoy doing. With that in mind, I let go some responsibility in a division assigned to me that I thought I would not do well in. But of course I don’t close up nor limit my option, either. Nearing the end of this year, I took a teaching job at another university. Not a permanent position but it’s a rewarding experience nonetheless. I’m grateful.

So, come at me, 2017. I’m ready to throw you my yet another resolution! Hahahaha.

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