Lombok Getaway 2014

So i have been meaning to post a little something about our last holiday to Lombok but always failed to do so. Our experience was something something a little something amazing. 10/10 will go there again.

So, here’s the video photo collection slideshow with random song from my old and never been updated playlist:

About the trip:

  1. I have wanted to go to Lombok since always but the schedule was never in sync with the hubby’s. He’d got a little window of opportunity at the end of March or so we thought. April is our wedding anniversary month and so the trip was labelled as a honeymoon. haha. Not really, no :(
  2. Day One. We missed our flight! There was a glitch in Lion Air web-check in system and we were given wrong info in our boarding pass about which airport we should depart from. You know, there are 2 Juanda airports that are 15-minutes-by-bus apart now. The Lion Air CS was crude in responding to our situation. After all the hurdles, we got another ticket that afternoon for free but that just meant we missed all our first day itinerary. :sob We arrived at the designated hotel only to find that there was an urgent job that hubby got to do right there and then and i completely forgot that I had a paper abstract to submit before midnight. Awesome. :)
  3. Day Two. We were indecisive about leaving the hotel since hubby’s job last night was still ‘shaky’. But then we decided to go islands hopping to the Gilis anyway. WP_20140401_139Snorkelling in 3 Gili islands’ sea. It was awesome. That day i learnt, there was still strong internet coverage in the middle of the sea that enabled hubby to keep on working (coordinating with the team at home) about the said shaky job while on boat to the snorkeling spot. That was actually the awesome part. :sob
  4. Stayed at an overpriced cottage in Gili Trawangan. We actually didn’t mind paying more reasonable price as long as it is worthy since we didn’t really get to go to holiday a lot so we wanted to make the most of it. Turned out, the staff was high as sh*t when we checked in and the accommodation was not as it was mentioned when we booked from the web. Having to pay more for something like that was… well, that was quite a bummer.
  5. OH, we grabbed the wrong backpack with wrong content before heading to the Gilis. d’uh. SO, we didn’t have any apparel to change while at the island, only my bathing suit, a sarong, and a white top. We had to be creative about that while in the cottage… well.. ‘creative’ ;)
  6. Day Three. We got back to the main island by the first ferry only to find out that the designated driver was 2 hours late. We were… starving! Went to one of hubby’s relatives on the other end of the Lombok island and being served with awesome dishes. The 3 hours trip there paid off. Loved it!
  7. Went to the nearby beach, a relatively virgin one called Mawun. One of the best tranquil-no-hustler beaches that i know. The driver said that compared to another beaches that are not too far away from there, Mawun (was) is nothing. They are Pink beach, Selong Belanak beach etc etc etc. Wow. But it was so late already and we got a phone call, a very urgent business meeting required hubby to be in Jakarta the next day. So…
  8. checked in into a transit hotel near Praya International Airport, Grand Royal BIL.
  9. Day Four. Hubby left for Jakarta so early in the morning while i had an afternoon flight to Surabaya.
  10. My driver that was supposed to pick me up in Surabaya went to the wrong Juanda airport. haha.
  11. home.

 “There is no place like home, right, Kang?”

            He’d usually answer: “home is where you are” #eeeaaa :p. Yet, he said:

“True. The thing is, sometimes we go on a trip like this not to get away from home, really. But to find that feeling of missing home again. That is the kind of luxury that is worth paying for, too.”

Well, don’t get me wrong. I love Lombok and was (still am) captivated by its beauty, its super duper kind and warm people. Compared to Bali, Lombok is superior in many aspects. 1) It’s default dishes are those that are halal, 2) The people are friendlier, 3) the climate was nicer (not too hot or humid), and 4) the scenery was more awesome and relatively more virgin and cleaner. I will, definitely will, go there again. But next time, here’s a list of what i gotta make sure before hopping onto any plane to get there:

  1. make sure that all the job was done or can be delegated to someone else (we did delegate, though, but it was a special case that time)
  2. pack properly
  3. confirm any reservation (the plane, the hotel, the travel service/driver, etc)
  4. learn to swim. Haha. Well, yes, i am the kind of person who, even though can’t swim, upon given a snorkel gear and life vest would jump in right away into the ocean. hehe.
  5. Bring better camera
  6. plan longer stay and go visit all relatives there. Seriously, hubby’s families in Lombok are all so nice and fun and kind!


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