Makeup Class with Devinta

So, today i had a makeup makeover session with my girlfriends, Devinta and Mutlia. Devinta is a makeup artist who has been in the field for several years now. This Ramadhan, she offers a private makeup class for women. Me and Lia are assigned to today’s schedule.

Without further ado, here are the transformation photos:

This is the ‘before’ me with my bare face. Notice the eyebrows.
Mutlia and Devi during the process.
I have notoriously thick and unruly brows. And I am too lazy to pluck them myself, let alone reshape them with pencil. Devi helped me and showed me how to do that. Some trial and error and correction later, this is how they finally look.
Color palette. I chose some of them earthy tone ones.
I love love looooove this matte nude lipstick color
Almost done now. Pardon the few strands of hair yah. ><
Almost done now. Pardon those few strands of hair yah. ><
The ‘after’.

I don’t grow up around makeup or other beauty care products. I don’t go out and around with heavy makeup like this, either. But, today was quite fun, I was learning and putting make up on, not for anyone else to see, only for myself. I feel pretty and I am happy. I enjoy the experience through and through.


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