Man Cave


Last night we went to an old pal of mine and were invited to enter his man cave. I was so floored, in total awe (well, so was hubby). Lots of books, CDs, vynils, and of course… Gundam models and action figures!


I think, having your own space is healthy. You gotta have that ‘time-out’ place free from the noises and all the identity attached to you. #halah ><

However, my husband and i don’t really have our own separate space, though. We kind of share the same every thing. If he needs a time-out, he’d just go out and cycle.

Well, if it counts, his workstation is his own private territory. I’m not allowed to touch anything on it, not even when i try to help him cleaning up, cos it will confuse him later. It is fair, though, i have the entire house for my ‘she-sheds’. Lol.

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