Maslow’s Hierarchy in Action

You know, there are many things that make me happy. However, there is one thing I realize over the years: that happiness is not exclusively related to material gaining.

This realization got its confirmation lately.

I’m happy when I receive my paycheck or envelope with cash as bonus from the university. However, the happiness is definitely not on par with this: I was teaching and coughing in class. One of the boys asked for a permission to go out. Well, of course I thought he needed the loo, but then he came back and brought me a bottled water. Well, just so you know, there’s no cafeteria in my building or anywhere nearby. I was so… touched! Trivial for some of you, but the happiness is so incomparable to me.

I felt: accepted. loved. belonged there. :)

p.s. Yea, I don’t really want to talk about Maslow’s theory, you notice that I just want to boast about my class and my students, right? Hahahaha.

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