Mind Reading?

So, few weeks back, out of the blue my sister asked me, “Mbak, can you really read my mind?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“You always know what I’m thinking, sometimes you guess what I want correctly. At the first try. Even when I have a crush, you know who he is. Always. That’s scary. Don’t do that.”

Oh dear.

I understand her concern exactly. Your mind, your thoughts, your fantasies are the most private thing that you have. To think that someone can have access to that, probe that, is indeed scary, a breech, a trespassing.

But little does she know that I can’t really read anyone’s mind. When she quizzed me something and I got it right, it’s not a result of a first-try guess. I’ve been listening, I’ve been observing, and I’ve been watching in silence, making my own mental note, all the time. She might not realize that, but I do.

Plus, she’s quite cutely obvious. Naive. Hahaha.

Oh well, she’s me.

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