Six Degree Separation


This theory.

There are dozens of anonymous forum on the internet. The thing about this kind of forum is that people seem to be more engaged in the discussion with less inhibition rather than if they have to put a face or first and last name on the blank.

“Give a man a mask, and he shall unmask his true-self.”

So far this much is not un-true.

There is a very interesting username in this particular forum, a place where people talk about the most mundane stuff in life to the most edgy conspiracy theory without revealing their true identity should they wish not to. Its wits, wisdom, sense of humor and sometimes borderline sick ideas are very eye-opening and refreshing, never cease to keep me coming back there and enjoy the discussion. Without any intention to ruin all the fun nor to violate someone’s privacy, i succumbed to my curiosity: letting my fingers cruising around to unravel the person behind the username.

You can be your own professional PI if you try hard enough.”

Well, it is just putting two and two together, actually. Turns out, though we are masses of land apart, we have at least 4 active mutual friends and there were couples of occasions where we had both attended in the past. The more you think about it, universe does work in funny ways, indeed.


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