So, what’s new, Uswah?

Nothing much.

  1. Just that now Algostudio seems to head into different direction. Before this, we went interchangeably with project and product, this year it seems product is our main focus.
  2. Blastnote, released on early January this year and has ever since got incredible spotlight from some major media.  Many of them.
  3. There are new people in Algostudio and the home-base is merrier now with them around. Happy.
  4. I am back on Facebook. Tadaaa.
  5. I am moving back to Malang, new house, new life, new everything. (It is really really new everything. From the house, to the neighborhood, to the way of living, and to my ID card!)
  6. I make another Instagram account. This is important, alright ;) — the difference: I am experimenting with everything in the new account. That includes the angle, the size, the dimension. The old account is still there, btw.
  7. I have been xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx sometimes this year or next year. I don’t know. Gonna be updating next time.
  8. Ehhm… i write on Medium, too. There is still only one entry there, though.

All in all, life is amazing. I couldn’t be happier. :)

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