Starting Over Again


I have just watched this romantic drama and i love love loooooove it! Starting Over Again. What i love from this movie, aside from the good looking actors, is that it does not try to glorify protagonist vs antagonist of the story. Every character is portrayed with its flaws, all that makes them human, all that makes the whole story relatable to the audience, to me.

There are just so many quotable bits and pieces in it. But the one that hits too close to home is this one, at the end of the movie. The conclusion of the whole plot. The answer to the question the characters kept asking from the beginning:

“Now I understand… why we had to meet again… why all of this had to happen.”


“So we can be whole again.”

“So… we can give the people we love, the love that they deserve.”

I know right, i can sometimes be too mawkishly sappy this way :))


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