That one time our old kindle was broken…


It had been with us for years and never once gave us a trouble, but this time it was just… giving up on us and dead. We had no other choice but to let it go (:sob).


So, in an attempt to console our grieving soul, we went to and raided the nearest Gramedia. We went on an impulsive buying spree and found some quite good books and a not-so-good one.

Magician Master is the second book of The Riftwar Saga series but you could keep up with the story line and characterization even without reading the first one. It is by all mean an enchanting read. So is Kelir Slindet which theme and writing style remind me so much of Ahmad Tohari’s, my favorite author. I don’t think it is something that could come by easily in this decade. On the other hand, HTBABDA is an okay reading, you can skim and finish this book in several sittings since there is no really new information that you couldn’t get from your previous books or sources. I bought Filosofi-Filosofi Warisan Tiongkok Kuno at a measly IDR 20k ($1.5) and it has lots of new insight about Chinese rich cultural heritage, their philosophical tradition to be more specific, that i had known nothing about. On the other hand, Les Masques turns to be … well, not my cup of tea. I put it down after the first chapter.

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