Today’s Gems (2)

  1. I was not the kind of person who’d like to play safe or stay in the safe side of every argument. That was why i always found myself in a deep sh8t. However, lately life has brought me so many lemons that i learn to stay still while watching everything unfolds before me, instead. “No, Uswah, you don’t have to partake in every thing.” Recent example: there have been two sides of argument concerning sending grats for other religion’s festivities. I have my own views on that, ones that might hurt one of the sides. I have friends and families on both sides and i don’t want to hurt any of them. So i am not saying anything and doing/not-doing what i believe in. Quietly.
  2. The latest novel book i read: Guns, Germs, and Steel. I’ll try to write a review about it (or not — I’m not good at keeping my word when it comes to writing). I’m still a long way to the finale page, though.
  3. For the little lexophile in us: i just found these new words, aphorism and brainfart. ;)
  4. Four notable movies are up in Indo cinemas nowadays: Supernova, Pendekar Tongkat Emas, Doraemon, and Hobbit. I have watched Supernova that turned out to be a major disappointment and The Hobbit which couldn’t be any better than that. I have yet to watch Doraemon, for nostalgic reason, and Pendekar Tongkat Emas, for Nicholas Saputra reason. Ehem.
  5. Site of the day: Paulgraham. The prime example of how content trumps form any day.
  6. No, MSG (Mono-sodium Glutamate) does not cause cancer. I have had the chance to consult to two oncologists regarding this and this article (among others). My whole life is a lie.

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