Today’s Gems (3)


  1. Word of the day: Saudade.
  2. The latest book i read: WOW Marketing. Ehhmm, i used to think it is not my cup of tea but truthfully there are just many kinds of tea out there I’ve yet to taste.
  3. I am starting a new biz, still can’t disclose it publicly yet but everything has been on the right track so far. I have rounded the coolest production team, the best material, the workshop that’s been busy, with some starting capital too (well, a loan from the hubby, but still! Lol). Right now i am still working on the website (yup, i work on the website myself and i’m kinda proud of that.) Crossing fingers, it’s gonna be so fun!
  4. I’m a coffee drinker. Here’s a list of coffee that i would recommend you to try if you’d ask me: Excelso’s Mandhaeling, Asa Coffee’s Arabica Gayo, and Kopi O! Mocha. Granted, they are all acidic. Or, if you are into a more lighter coffee taste or instant one with additive substances (milk, cream, artificial essence, etc), may as well try Malaysian’s Old Town or Chekhup. They make killer hazelnut coffee!

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