Today’s Gems (5)

  1. Since last February, we’ve stayed at a new house, at Bumi Meranti Wangi Residence. It is quite a nice and quiet place to stay and i enjoy my times here through and through. We have a vast garden, big kitchen, tall gate, and high ceiling. The neighbors are all nice, tending to their own business, and etc. However though, we have already had a talk to move to yet another place, somewhere nearer to the uni i work at now. But still unsure about it.
  2. The last book i read: Six of Crows. Yup, another fantasy novel.
  3. The last movie i watched: Captain America; Civil War. Hands down, one of the best!
  4. Words of the day: Queuecumber. Yup. You get that right. It has something to do with queuing (something that many people here couldn’t learn and practice enough. :sad) and cumber(some).
  5. The last few days, I have been hooked to some Korean dramas! It started with Descendant of the Sun (not my fave, though) and then it leads me to Oh My Venus. My new all time favorite drama series! (oh no)
  6. AADC2 is on cinema now but I haven’t watched it. We’re planning on watching it together this week, me and some office lady friends that is.

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