UIN Malikian

This semester, the first assignment i gave to my students was creating an Instagram account capturing the stories of  UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang’s stakeholders, every (little) element that makes up the uni.

The point i tried to make was that this uni is not made up by bricks and mortar only, but also by the sweats and tears of the people who have dedicated their life for the organization whom we sometimes take for granted. Everyone played a significant role in the uni’s day to day operation no matter how minuscule they might seem. I wanted my students to reach out to them, to talk to them, to uncover their story, and learn from it.

The result: the photos and stories posted varied ranging from their roommate at boarding house, the musyrif (RA) at the uni’s mandatory dormitory, student association officials, to the janitor, security, and administration staff at the faculty.


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It turned out, there were many interesting facts about people that I meet in daily basis, say hi to, that i was not aware of before. Of course, their English could use some improvement (granted, English is a foreign language for them, not to say that this was when they had just begun their lesson), but overall I am happy with their works.

Kuddos, Kiddos!

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