Wisata di Lawang, Kabupaten Malang

We went to have a little getaway, impulsively, to a new resort at the outskirt of Malang, just a few klicks away from home, BeSS hotel. The hotel was okay. But the scenery was amazing!

Here’s some photos that we captured:

The rest of the photos are here on my flickr account (Oh yes, apparently i do have a flickr account! :p )


Some tips if you wanna come and have a little fun here:

  • while the waterpark is not always open, but bring your swimsuit anyway. The infinity pool is so cool. We were there on weekdays, on non-peak season, so maybe that was why we had the pool for ourselves. Oh, yes, i did swim! ;)
  • While most internet review say that the food at the hotel is a no-go, you could always opt to eat outside of the hotel complex. Go eat at nearby diners, Depot Asih next to Lawang train station is one we recommend. The food is super!
  • Go have a morning (or evening, your choice) walk along the paddy field in nearby village, just across the river.
  • The crew/staff at the hotel could look scary and shady sometimes, but they are fine. Other than that, just enjoy the stay.
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