Wishlist Checklist

So, I was doing some year-end de-cluttering when I found this among my notes. A resolution for 2017, written in November 2016. Let’s see how I did:

  1. vacation: check
  2. therapy: actually I don’t really remember what I meant by this. It could be many things, really. Hmm…
  3. moving to and settling in a new house: check
  4. book: was it reading more book or writing a book? oh well… I didn’t do much about either one
  5. career: well, surprise surprise. I’m doing something about it, at least. So, Check!
  6. Ph.D: was rather impulsive, but I’m a student again, now. BIG CHECK.

4 out of 6. Not bad, Uswah, not bad.

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