Hello again

Welcome to my new old blog.

This domain has been around since, I don’t know, 8 to 10 years ago? I reset it, erase all the contents and puff, gone all the writings with no backup. I am okay doing that. It is not like I erase any trace of my life from the past since I scarcely wrote anything important here before. If any, the way I remember it, my writings were all cringey. Hahaha.

I hope that could change, but I can’t promise or make any commitment here.

So, the order of business is I need to introduce myself first, right?

I am Uswah, thirty-something woman living in Indonesia. I speak Javanese in daily basis, Bahasa Indonesia here and there, and English in EFL context. If you had a chance to look into my Instagram bio, I write some affiliations there. Academically, I am associated with State University of Malang and State Polytechnic of Malang. This might change sometimes soon. Professionally, I am affiliated with Algostudio and Vila Sawo Kecik. This has not changed for a while and I am proud of that. From this alone, you can easily take me as ‘Jane of all trades master of none’ and you probably are right. I juggle with things here and there and I do what makes me happy, responsibly.

I hope that is all the introduction that I need. I can say much more in this seemingly unlimited space, but I think you can know me better by judging me from my writing. If you set to do so, please be kind to me and lower your bar or expectation first.