What I learn from solo bicycling

I like bicycling alone.

Along the way, I would meet people, either solo or in group bicycling. Some are faster, some are slower, some speed up, some stop to take a break. Mentally, you take note of all of them and most times you subconsciously want to compare yourself to them.

“How can they bike uphill without breaking a sweat?”
“If that person can do it in smaller wheels, there’s no reason I cannot do it in these wheels as well.”
“I should not stop, that person is older and he could keep the pace up.”
“I won’t let her race me”

But then as you pedal on, you realize that you cannot do that. Some people are faster than you perhaps because they are younger, used to do it, do it more regularly than you do. Some people take a break and you cannot look down on them, you don’t know their starting point. Perhaps they go earlier than you and ride miles farther than you.

The point being is, you don’t know their story. So, even in silence, you should not compare yourself to others. The only comparison you need to make is your own miles, from yesterday’s ride to today’s ride.

And smile.

You are sharing the road and all you riders are fellow travelers with your own story to bear.

A new hobby: biking

You read that right, biking. Not baking (I gave up on that endeavor a long time ago.)

My husband has been biking casually, I had never taken a liking to this activity until recently. So, when he decided to upgrade his bike from Helios F3 to Strattos S5, I thought to myself: I think it might be fun to try.

So, this was my first bike: Polygon Nevada, a low end city bike in fancy color. The reason why I chose it was: it is comparably cheaper than other types. So I thought if after trying it I’d feel like I no longer like biking, I would not have much regret buying it.

I thought wrong.

Polygon Nevada

I love biking! So I decided to upgrade my ride.

However, it was not that easy. Many people are taking to bicycling now it’s crazy, almost all bicycle stores in Malang run out of units already. So I tried to purchase a second-hand bike online, and I found this:

Polygon Path 2

It was still in mint condition, the mileage was low. However, this hybrid bike, though in size S, was too tall for the 155cm me. So I sold it back again and thought that if I really like biking, I should take a leap of faith and buy a serious road-bike altogether. So off I went online to rodalink official website and bought this:

Polygon Divine R5

The first thing I noticed about this bike was: for an entry level it is pricey (at least for me), hahaha. The second one is, the drop bar is kind of intimidating. But it comes in size 43 which helps a lot since I would still have control of the unit (something I dread without), and the geometry is sexy. It is built for women! and the color scheme is not bad.

It takes some moments of getting used to, but after some practice and series of Youtube videos on road-biking, and the relentlessness of husband’s assistance, I am now hooked on this.