Dokter Gigi Spesialis Periodonsia recommended di Malang

Di beberapa postingan saya sebelumnya saya sudah pernah menyebutkan dokter ini sih, Drg. Rudhanton di Jln. Puncak, dekat Ijen, Malang. Beliau ini dokter langganan aba mama mulai dari jaman suami masih kecil. Selain menurut beberapa orang yang dokter gigi kualitas kerjanya bagus, ada beberapa alasan kenapa saya merekomendasikan beliau, yaitu: Profesional dengan bedside manner yang […]

Failing a CPNS Test and the future of my teaching ‘career’

So, this is the end of this year’s journey of trying to become a civil servant. I’ve passed the administrative selection and failed in the standard competence test. The test consisted of civics, general intelligence, and personality sections. Guess what? I failed in the personality one! That is so absurd. :)) I am sad, of […]

I am so basic

For those of you who stumbled upon this blog months or even years ago, you might realize how it hadn’t seen changes for quite sometimes, right? Not on the design, nor the content. I have been just blah. Now I try a new theme, and I am just too lazy to find other picture for […]