Getting My Booster Shot

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My last post was about Covid 19 vaccine, the first dose, right?

The second dose was way better I almost felt no side effect at all.

More than six months after the second dose, I finally received my booster shot. Different from the previous experience in hunting the vaccine, this time it was less eventful other than the fact that only I in the family was eligible for it. The rest of the gang have just contracted the virus less than a month prior. I don’t know how, but I didn’t catch it.

So, on March 5 I was hunting the booster vaccine to Puskesmas Kendalsari. The place was open at 8, I came at 7.30 am and the tickets were already taken. People were coming at 5 am to get it, apparently. Queueing the old-fashion way.

I was posting this experience on Twitter. The following day, a friend of mine, Sari, told me to register at Klinik UB, as they rolled another batch out. And so I did with zero expectation for so far it had always been a struggle to get vaccine for me, husband, and family. Lo and behold, 2 days after, I received a message from the clinic informing that I could get the shot along with what I need to prepare.

Today I went to the clinic, re-registered my name, got pre-screened, got my shot, and went back home. The whole process was so neat, efficient, and quick. No need to queue, no need to battle the crowd at 5 am in the morning. The longest time I spent was probably on the road trying to find the clinic, hahaha.

Here’s hoping there’s no notable side effect to the shot. Will try to write with the update later if there’s any.


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