On Empathy

I have this simple principle in life: not to post anything gifted to me by a friend and, likewise, I’d ask them not to post anything that I give them. Of course, if it is a product they are selling and me posting that could benefit all parties: the seller and prospective buyers, I’d gladly post it on social media.

The reason is simple: I don’t know who else is/is not receiving the same gift. If there is anyone within the circle of the giver not receiving any, wouldn’t s/he feel excluded? How many people have I hurt unknowingly thus?

“But, posting it is a show of gratitude to the sender.”

I’m sure there are many other ways to show that.

“You’re reading too much into it. Why is everything forbidden with you?”

By all mean, if it is right up your alley, no one is forbidding anything.

You see, empathy is a word that we throw around quite easily. But to really have it, sometimes you have to experience the adversity yourself. That is what makes empathy a cheap word to say but expensive lesson to take.

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